3 12 2009

Hottimes7, originally uploaded by sizzled.

dennis and claire sitting in a tree.
getting m a r r i e d.

love you guys! so happy to have seen you fall in love firsthand.

dennis takes brooklyn

31 08 2009

dennis p, originally uploaded by sizzled.

hi dennis. hope you’re settling in. we miss you big homie!

b-right-on (beach)

18 05 2009

Yizesh1, originally uploaded by sizzled.

you can’t escape fate
you can try to play it safe
who’s to say you’ll dodge the bullet
or that you wouldn’t
i should i put
simply like this
there’s too much you might miss
pondering those thoughts
or waiting for crisis
to understand life is short
and i support the concept of peace
i feel strong about anything
that means a longer life for me

yeshua da poED

i miss ny

11 03 2009

nyc bridge, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i’ve been going to new york city every year at least once or twice since 1995, but haven’t been back since august and now i’m starting to miss people, places, smells, sights, sounds and more.

promise i’ll come visit you soon, my friend. maybe for my birthday in may?


9 03 2009

Biggie-Smalls, originally uploaded by sizzled.

like trees to branches/cliffs to avalanches
it’s the praying mantis/deep like the mind of farrakhan
a muthafuckin’ rap phenomenon

turkish spot

2 12 2008

turkish spot, originally uploaded by sizzled.

everytime i go see my homies from the head bop music/wee bee foolish fam out in brighton beach, nyc i am always bugging them to go hit up “the turkish spot”.

they’ve been taking me there since the year that the whole west nile thing broke out in staten island and eventually spread all over.

they have an incredible lentil soup, and some salads that are so on point. i haven’t been there since this pic was taken which was 2003 if i’m not mistaken.

big up to ken boogs, mike swift, and j-heez. part of my nyc family for real.