10% dis

9 01 2010

IMG_4870, originally uploaded by sizzled.

after this jam/i really don’t give a damn


26 06 2009

inside, originally uploaded by sizzled.

what this is a picture of.

festival of fire

25 06 2009

snowflakes, originally uploaded by sizzled.

ontario place begins their annual fireworks festival this friday saturday. i’ll be in my perfect spot to watch them for free, where will you guys be at?

more info right here.


8 06 2009

fill, originally uploaded by sizzled.

click on this picture, then click all sizes. wow, i love the fireworks setting on my g7.
G-GANG stand up. Ian Reid, Avi Gold I see you.


29 09 2008

Wireforks, originally uploaded by sizzled.

my camera has a “fireworks” setting so I figured I would test it out. This is a picture of a lightbulb and the camera gave it this amazing effect.


frogger pt 1

24 09 2008

reflectfire, originally uploaded by sizzled.

I never wore sunglasses.

Literally, the last pair of shades I had that I rocked with any consistency were some Duane Wayne flip-up sunglasses that I wore flipped up just as much as down.

Thanks to Oakley’s fantastic decision to reissue the Frogskin frames, I am now officially 100% brand loyal and have enough sunglasses to make it through a whole week and can lend a friend a pair when it’s too sunny and they forgot theirs, as is the case with this photo.

This particular frame is called Rootbeer..which is an amazing name. I like products that are named well. The lens colour is called Fire, and appropriately so. My feet are in that reflection somewhere along with my camera(thanks Ted Power for the tip).