vintage cigarette ads

29 06 2009

3314995773_6012dc9721, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i just started watching Mad Men which makes this guy’s post of vintage cigarette ads even more interesting and topical to me.

check it out here, thanks to the wordpress homepage for having something i actually wanted to read for once.


look down, not up

20 05 2009

cigar_web, originally uploaded by sizzled.

I stole this picture from this blog post, that URB magazine posted on twitter. Toronto could use some work like this to improve our boring ass streets and public works buildings and fixtures.

old drunk guys

27 11 2008

Maniac8, originally uploaded by sizzled.

always make my night.

this guy in particular was impressive. his mood swings went from a violent, instigating vibe all the way over to a sad, confused and lonely one.

he was definitely eating both paper and cigarettes in front of us and may have taken a couple swings at me while i tried to take this picture.

after a fight almost broke out between dennis and some hipster politically correct emo herb over us “taunting” this poor old man, we all stepped back and realized that he’s probably somebody’s dad and that in itself is pretty sad and even if he is stumbling in our face talking shit, perhaps we should let him be.