dirt on you doggie v.7

29 12 2009

Oddities 001, originally uploaded by sizzled.

shaun “sweaty doo rag” boothe

you have been put on blast, but that pete rock and cl tee kinda makes up for it.

happy birthday nix

10 12 2009

nik t, originally uploaded by sizzled.

who else rocks a leather mcm hat in this day and age? none other than nik t aka nix the fingerprince of circle research.

hopefully you treated yourself to some vintage polo to celebrate!


30 11 2009

Reflection, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i feel like the pictures this old ass digital camera took were amazing. everytime i look at this set of images from one of the last 416 graffiti expos i marvel at their clarity and feel.

this was probably my first attempt at the picture in the sunglasses reflection, big up Nik Timar for being my test subject.


17 11 2009

kaeweeeezy, originally uploaded by sizzled.

whatup lil hommie? this would be a dirt on you doggie, but you were pretty much the youngest in charge so it’s actually just you. on some 2001 type shit


16 07 2009

PoloJohnnyWalker, originally uploaded by sizzled.

haven’t seen this dude in years. someone tell him to holler at me if you see him.


24 06 2009

cookinitup, originally uploaded by sizzled.

dj mochi in the house, showing her recipe for a soul buffet. pic from 2001 or so

Friday Fotos of Feet-4 of Em

12 06 2009





none of these are my feet, which is a first for this series