thumbs up

6 02 2010

thumbs up, originally uploaded by sizzled.

big up wes and egypt on the photo.
oh shit, word.

that 4 letter word

4 12 2009

yard, originally uploaded by sizzled.

is anyone else not looking forward to seeing THIS again?

last hurrah

7 04 2009

wetted, originally uploaded by sizzled.

it better be. i had every intention of getting my new bike on the road this week after waiting around a year to finish gathering all the pieces.

needless to say, this cold snap and snowfall have delayed that process indefinitely.


10 03 2009

wellies, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this seems like an appropriate “spring is almost here” kind of photo.
if i end up being able to paint 2 weekends in a row without gloves then it’s basically official.

canada is basically the biggest weather cocktease ever though, so i am not betting the house on it JUST yet.

ice grill

6 02 2009

ice grill, originally uploaded by sizzled.

hey, whatchu staring at volkswagen?

wetted up

16 01 2009



‘When I walked in the water, I realized the water went up to my knees. After that I just fell down.’—Anne-Marie Héroux, wet pedestrian

  • i’m pretty sure that ‘wet pedestrian’ is the best person to quote ever!


28 12 2008

disheveled, originally uploaded by sizzled.

def the coolest abandoned building i’ve ever been in.

no, i’m not telling you where it is.