Cratery #21

21 09 2010

This month, the Cratery crew decided to embark on a journey to Montreal for the f*ck of it. Heat was copped, food was eaten and in less than 12 hours later we were back on the road. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I love that city.The city is great beyond measure and every time I go I have immense fun. This visit was no exception. Shouts to Arcee and Serious and the various vinyl vendors that made this trip both fun and worthwhile. We owe this edition of Cratery to y’all…



29 12 2009

kemayo, originally uploaded by sizzled.

don’t be shocked when i completely jack that star font


28 12 2009

f.m.f, originally uploaded by sizzled.

complete with pink sleeve and all.

cratery b.t.s.

11 12 2009

cratery, originally uploaded by sizzled.

a little outtake from the cratery 10 dig day.

don’t mind the orange tint, my camera was on colour accent mode.


29 06 2009

crazy, originally uploaded by sizzled.


can play for teenagers

26 06 2009

can play for teenagers, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i guess at this point, it would probably be very wrong to assume that teenagers are interested in hearing uptempo funk. however, that doesn’t mean you CAN’T play it for them.

doughy greatness

14 04 2009

doughy, originally uploaded by sizzled.

I personally am not trying to mess up this Pholourie recipe, so i won’t even bother making it.

However, you guys might be braver than I am so feel free to get in there and mix it up.

I will definitely leave making these chewy, crispy delights to the experts at roti hut in scarborough and enjoy them anytime I happen to make it out that way. Kaeweezy, Arceezy, can I get a witness?


8 04 2009

yikes, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this is like the unofficial anthem for victims of child molestation everywhere.

which is not something i’m making fun of, i genuinely think that’s one of the worst crimes that someone can commit. i’m just saying, this guy’s face says a lot with that title right next to it.