paper chase

29 01 2010

Maniac7, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this man made an appearance on the blog before. do a search for maniac and he should come up.

this is a shot of him eating paper from off of the ground at ossington and bloor. classy.

buzz howl pt 8

3 12 2009

dickhead, originally uploaded by sizzled.


buzz howl pt 7

19 09 2009

keesha’s fav, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this was the one i wanted to take home and frame. probably was too floored by the scope of the installation to actually do anything except shoot it and walk away dazed.

buzz howl pt 6

4 08 2009

keep on keepin on, originally uploaded by sizzled.


keep on
keepin on

buzz howl pt 5

16 07 2009

fuck head, originally uploaded by sizzled.

hey fluckhead, nice forehead tattoo.

i could post these all day.

buzz howl pt 2

29 05 2009

aka i can’t find what i’m looking for

28000 Glasses Of Water

29 09 2008

28000 Glasses Of Water, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i have video of this that captures the scope better, but this is a park by my house that was filled with 28,000 glasses of water for some Discovery Channel special. The water glasses were supposed to represent the amount of cerebral fluid that your brain produces in your lifetime.
Kind of a waste of water and not to mention that they used plastic glasses..tsk tsk Discovery. However, shit looks sick and was one of the most random things I have ever ridden past on my bike.