tonight at 751 queen street west in toronto

13 03 2010

throwwed, originally uploaded by sizzled.

pimp c bitch/i keep a zoo up in my closet

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that’s gonna leave a stain

18 11 2009

Party8, originally uploaded by sizzled.

but i guess lydia probably knew that when she poured wine down andrew’s shirt. this was part of an impromptu photoshoot at one of the infamous casa de crunk house parties. wow.


17 11 2009

RacialTension, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i’m not sure that there was ever a better custom trucker hat made in the whole universe.

get throwed tonight at augusta house

12 12 2008

gtcrowwd, originally uploaded by sizzled.

It’s on again!

last Get Throwed for 2009.

If you don’t know, now you know.

Augusta House-tonight. Free before 11:30 but you drunk fools will never make it there that early.

roller derby

10 12 2008

rollers3, originally uploaded by sizzled.

it’s almost winter training season, and that means a lot more riding the rollers and a lot less riding on the streets.

here’s my roommate and friend tweek aka maki demonstrating his patented air max 95’s on clipless pedals style while riding a bike he had never even sat on before.

this is definitely how we get down at chalet de crunk.


7 11 2008

wiz, originally uploaded by sizzled.

tonight at Augusta House on Augusta Ave in Kensington Market in Toronto is my Dirty South jumpoff known as Get Throwed. Please come through and let’s get it.