3 12 2009

Hottimes7, originally uploaded by sizzled.

dennis and claire sitting in a tree.
getting m a r r i e d.

love you guys! so happy to have seen you fall in love firsthand.


3 09 2009

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dennis takes brooklyn

31 08 2009

dennis p, originally uploaded by sizzled.

hi dennis. hope you’re settling in. we miss you big homie!

wedding wear

12 05 2009

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my tie x keesha’s nails and dress

gabe, where’s P going to put all those pics?

the early days

1 05 2009

Cam Feds 416 Graf Expo 1997, originally uploaded by sizzled.

my main man dennis chow might be a refined gentleman with a wife and big plans now, but at one point he was a reckless, beef starting, slick talking writer from EYB who could do pretty much anything with a spray can.

love blooms in spring

27 04 2009
photo credit-clarence kwan stolen from disgracebook

this past saturday saw the blessed union of dennis chow and his lovely wife claire. i consider myself to have been in the privileged few who saw these 2 get together and knew that they had something special that would last a long time. congratulations to the both of you and good luck with the monumental move out of dodge. love you guys!

17 04 2009

odbum, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Tonight marks the end of an era of sorts.

My main man, Dennis Chow aka Hector Libido aka Dece D aka I’m Ghostface and Nick is Raekwon will be tying the knot with his lovely fiancee, Claire next week.

So, the boys are taking him out in hopes of seeing if we can get him so drunk he starts freestyling and kicking in windows. Dennis is one of my oldest friends, and we have had our fair share of adventures.

This particular moment in time was captured by my now-stolen Canon Rebel SLR on the streets of New York City. To be honest, I think we were probably in the L.E.S. somewhere but I’m not sure. This dude came up to us while I was trying to roll up a backwoods and insisted that he was the old dirty bastard and we should give him some spare change in exchange for his performances.

We definitely let the dude do his thing and probably gave him the end of the blunt to hold. Dennis was dying laughing the entire time, that grin you see in the pic was on there for a good 10-15 minutes while this fool danced and rapped around us. That belly laugh, uncontrollable smiling and running commentary is one of the things about Dennis I will always love. He knows how to laugh, and he is never afraid to express how he feels regardless of who or what else is around us. Here’s to you brother, I might just buy a pack of backwoods for old times sake tonight!