30 11 2009

nasa, originally uploaded by sizzled.

if you recognize this sign and recognize it’s significance, pat yourself on the back.


26 11 2009

Camerashy, originally uploaded by sizzled.

it’s the old picture of a guy taking a picture of you move.

i honestly think that’s Sight holding that camera. i could be totally wrong though.

please hang up

4 09 2009

PinguVoid, originally uploaded by sizzled.

and try your call again


24 06 2009

cookinitup, originally uploaded by sizzled.

dj mochi in the house, showing her recipe for a soul buffet. pic from 2001 or so

The Big Ticket

29 05 2009

Your man Ace Six getting a little shine in Webisode 4. If you don’t show up to this jam, you are taking a bigger loss than me cutting the grass in some Asia-Only air maxes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "The Big Ticket ", posted with vodpod


28 04 2009

Korea, originally uploaded by sizzled.

remember that one year when Korea did really well in the world cup and completely surprised everyone? well, this picture was taken at the height of that and these 2 dudes were very proud.

dirt on you doggie v.2

27 04 2009

Jacks, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Big Jacks aka Jason
Ali Baba aka Roozbeh aka asleep in the club
Dj Fase aka Fraser

consider yourselves put on blast