paper chase

29 01 2010

Maniac7, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this man made an appearance on the blog before. do a search for maniac and he should come up.

this is a shot of him eating paper from off of the ground at ossington and bloor. classy.

reflector hat

9 12 2009

Maniac5, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this dude was not riding a bike, he’s just that far ahead of the rest of us. 2011=the year of the reflector snapback


3 12 2009

Hottimes7, originally uploaded by sizzled.

dennis and claire sitting in a tree.
getting m a r r i e d.

love you guys! so happy to have seen you fall in love firsthand.


3 12 2009

CABBIE, originally uploaded by sizzled.

how nervous is this guy?

i’m sure the 4 drunk assholes screaming in his cab had nothing to do with it.


25 05 2009

bottleman, originally uploaded by sizzled.

slow down on the beers, buddy!

and do you really need to drink that many different varieties?

Drunk Funk….

15 05 2009


I’m writing this post for Kaeweezy, but I cannot take credit for this 15 minute audio of his live set from Happy Seven Sundays @czehoski on Queen Street West.  Kaeweezy goes in on some sloppy funk and cuts it up like a rogue butcher!

Enjoy the mix, DOWNLOAD here.

happy birthday tenma

19 12 2008

crunkma, originally uploaded by sizzled.

1 day late but i’m not sure if i can make her party tonight with all this madness falling from the sky so i’ll give 10 her props now for being a down ass chick.

if you feel like blowing me up to see if i got your email or counted 7500 ransom buttons in 3 different sizes yet, feel free…i kinda miss it! haha and by that i mean that i don’t miss it at all, but it was always fun getting calls from you at work!

if i don’t see you tonight, i owe you a joint or a farinata or something.  happy belated!

old drunk guys

27 11 2008

Maniac8, originally uploaded by sizzled.

always make my night.

this guy in particular was impressive. his mood swings went from a violent, instigating vibe all the way over to a sad, confused and lonely one.

he was definitely eating both paper and cigarettes in front of us and may have taken a couple swings at me while i tried to take this picture.

after a fight almost broke out between dennis and some hipster politically correct emo herb over us “taunting” this poor old man, we all stepped back and realized that he’s probably somebody’s dad and that in itself is pretty sad and even if he is stumbling in our face talking shit, perhaps we should let him be.

phll a.

21 11 2008

phlll, originally uploaded by sizzled.

you once had a cool blog, everyone liked it. none of us thought you were a homophobe, so get over it and resurrect it so i can proudly put you in our blogroll. i mean, if sarah wasn’t so busy checking the authenticity of that gold chain, she’d definitely be yelling at you to do the same. c’mon phil!