ice grill

30 06 2009

ice grill, originally uploaded by sizzled.

being given the screwface by a 3 year old is better than most things

love blooms in spring

27 04 2009
photo credit-clarence kwan stolen from disgracebook

this past saturday saw the blessed union of dennis chow and his lovely wife claire. i consider myself to have been in the privileged few who saw these 2 get together and knew that they had something special that would last a long time. congratulations to the both of you and good luck with the monumental move out of dodge. love you guys!

i miss ny

11 03 2009

nyc bridge, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i’ve been going to new york city every year at least once or twice since 1995, but haven’t been back since august and now i’m starting to miss people, places, smells, sights, sounds and more.

promise i’ll come visit you soon, my friend. maybe for my birthday in may?

old saint nick

25 12 2008

Christmas, originally uploaded by sizzled.


i’ve been waiting for months to post this pic and it finally gets to go up.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from us here at

Stay tuned for a big party in early 2009, and many more updates, this blog has gotten way more love and attention than we ever expected it to.

-Ace Six and Kaewonder

don’t burn out

10 12 2008

burnout, originally uploaded by sizzled.

seriously, if there’s one thing the holiday season should remind us of, it’s the therapeutic value of spending time relaxing with family, preparing and/or eating delicious home cooked food, or taking off somewhere warm with someone special.

everyone needs a break, don’t let this picture be your mental state.