30 11 2009

nasa, originally uploaded by sizzled.

if you recognize this sign and recognize it’s significance, pat yourself on the back.


please hang up

4 09 2009

PinguVoid, originally uploaded by sizzled.

and try your call again

dirt on you doggie v.2

27 04 2009

Jacks, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Big Jacks aka Jason
Ali Baba aka Roozbeh aka asleep in the club
Dj Fase aka Fraser

consider yourselves put on blast

ckln-from my archives

5 01 2009

ckln, originally uploaded by sizzled.

if any of you guys ever wondered what it looked like at the ckln studios where we tirelessly created the circle research show every week circa 1998-2004*, here’s your glimpse into the heart of it.

from l to r

chris b the intern “he used to be the intern, now it’s his turn”
nix the fingerprince
p riggy
toby shinobi

it looks like chris is reading a flyer in his signature radio voice in this pic, everyone is intently focused on whatever he is up to. Also, bonus points for having double C.R. tees in the pic.

*=i moved to montreal in 2004, plus the ckln studios moved to another building and the guys told me the vibe was way worse at that building which is why they eventually switched to podcasts exclusively. check ’em out!