rolling thun-der

14 06 2009

trackside, originally uploaded by Youth Waste.

if anyone ever questioned the relevance and merit of graffiti as an art form and why we who love and follow it think no other modern art movement has made the dramatic impact and splash that graffiti has, well here’s some fucking proof!

they did this illegally on a freight train. it will travel around a continent visiting freight train yards under the radar, not in an art gallery or on someone’s living room exists without needing to be appreciated, for this art there is purpose in just being there.

and that’s why every major advertising company is using photos of graffiti, or using someone’s piece as a backdrop. do those artists get royalties? did they receive a commission for their work being used?

no, because again…graffiti’s purpose is to exist and be appreciated by a select few. it is not for everyone, but it could be if you opened your eyes.

stolen print

2 06 2009

stolen print, originally uploaded by sizzled.

NOBODY does handstyles like philly. I’ve had a hard on for philly graf since 1997 and I still don’t fully understand it. It’s one of those “you had to grow up here” things.

stolen train face

29 05 2009

stolen train face, originally uploaded by sizzled.

wow. look at this guy, huh? he’s so grumpy. why are you so grumpy, dude? pretty sure your whole life involves travel across a continent via freight train, it could be worse.

sidebar: cottage country aka area code 705 stand up!

i <3 them big

22 04 2009

stol3n, originally uploaded by sizzled.

another stolen picture from the bombingscience forums. normally seeing fan cap scrawlings over a piece is something I cringe at, but this guy really hit the nail on the head with his insightful depiction of his preference in female body types. clearly, he and i have something in common.

living room

15 04 2009

line 2, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i just feel that comfortable in the train yard, RIP aldershot aka ultrashock. those were the days!


24 03 2009

F T P P, originally uploaded by sizzled.

ah yes, the old f t p p.

hope, recka TCM

26 11 2008

hope, recka, originally uploaded by sizzled.

how often do you just catch a new(2007) hope and recka freight just layed up in the yard? especially after you just saw recka the day before and he let you use his 15mm wrench to tighten your back wheel and get your chain tension proper.

big up 2 Toronto OG’s.

kwest BSM

4 11 2008

kwest BSM, originally uploaded by sizzled.

big poppa kwest with a whole car from a few years back. i guess the rail workers couldn’t bring themselves to stamp it even though he took out the numbers. the most badass thing is that this looks like it was all rollers here.