i wish i knew antonia thomas

21 01 2010

i wish i knew antonia thomas, originally uploaded by sizzled.

thanks for the hits shorty.

my favourite is the 2nd from the bottom and the quotation marks.

it also rules that a search for dope graf would take someone here. thanks internet!

early awkward

30 07 2009

early awkward, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this flucked my whole sh1t up when i got it. years later, it’s pure magick!


28 05 2009

Archie, originally uploaded by sizzled.

I don’t think this counts as a “dirt on you doggie” since Arcee basically looks the same today with a slightly more grown up steez now that he’s a bad ass advertising guru.

However, this picture is amazing. I think he’s giving that girl a look because she walked right in on our Kodak moment, not because he thought she was stunningly gorgeous as this picture seems to imply.

I love stealing moments.


18 03 2009

jokes, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i wonder if the worker who sprayed this realized what he had just created by shortening Natural Gas like that.

happy hour

2 02 2009

hoetime, originally uploaded by sizzled.

convenient coincidence or an innovative branding technique we aren’t yet up on?

good to know

4 12 2008

good to know, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i’m glad that these renovations won’t stop my last-minute booty shopping because that would be a total bummer.