may the force be with you

10 12 2009

Goodfoott27, originally uploaded by sizzled.


air max thuns love air max ones

2 12 2009

Goodfoott19, originally uploaded by sizzled.

now that this banner is retired, I feel like I should post the full image.

the only person i’ve ever known with a pair of these was my former employer, mr matthew george. those are his, but that’s my hand with the genetic recessive trait thumb.

’03-how it used to be

25 11 2009

Stockroom2, originally uploaded by sizzled.

chicago trips with mg and nik t, i don’t know if it’ll ever feel like that again to go buy some sneakers.

look up

19 03 2009

presentation, originally uploaded by sizzled.

changed the banner, sometimes it’s all about the presentation.


9 03 2009

jokes, originally uploaded by sizzled.

if i had a dollar for every time someone is like..oh you look like my friend blah blah blah or my friend kinda reminds me of you..i would probably only have another $10-20 bucks but still.

i don’t even remember this guy’s name, but i do remember that someone definitely thought i looked like him so we took this photo to prove/disprove their ideas.

i can’t complain…

15 12 2008

Hurtface 004, originally uploaded by sizzled.

what the accident did to my left eye/cause look what an accident did to left eye.

in 2004, my face had an unfortunate meeting with a group of young thugs and their fists and feet.

it was the 3rd of the whole bad things come in threes superstition and ended up being the key to my motivation for making wholesale changes in my life.

most of my friends already know the story so i won’t go into specific details but will let you know why i made this post in the first place.

if you are having a string of particularly bad luck and wondering when this dark cloud will get the hell away from you, chances are something is holding you back. whatever you need to do, say, act on, decide to change, etc..THAT is the time to do it. don’t wait until you actually get run over by a speeding fire truck on it’s way to put out the fire at your grandmother’s house before you see the light.