reslis relish

10 12 2009

Relishthedon, originally uploaded by sizzled.

he had the gift.

no, not THAT gift. yikes.


4 09 2009

Cam Feds Rooftop Cear Tack Juel, originally uploaded by sizzled.

what about the roof times?

tame as it ever was

25 06 2009



you can buy a Tame One shirt now? Sweet. Once again, I don’t even really wear graphic tees anymore but something about this iconic throw up by a a legendary drugged-out MC who happens to have some skills at graf just screams buy me in black with a white print.

If you want one, go here to get it.

stop snitching

24 06 2009

if anyone i know is dumb enough to let ROKIT come hang out with them and do a piece, you deserve to be locked up with your emo-ass friends in this video.

keep your friends close, and your enemies closer

little guy

23 06 2009

1000090h, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i took this picture, not took it in the “i was standing there with a camera and pressed a button” sense but more in the “i saw this in a thread on a message board and dragged it onto my desktop” sort of way.

rolling thun-der

14 06 2009

trackside, originally uploaded by Youth Waste.

if anyone ever questioned the relevance and merit of graffiti as an art form and why we who love and follow it think no other modern art movement has made the dramatic impact and splash that graffiti has, well here’s some fucking proof!

they did this illegally on a freight train. it will travel around a continent visiting freight train yards under the radar, not in an art gallery or on someone’s living room exists without needing to be appreciated, for this art there is purpose in just being there.

and that’s why every major advertising company is using photos of graffiti, or using someone’s piece as a backdrop. do those artists get royalties? did they receive a commission for their work being used?

no, because again…graffiti’s purpose is to exist and be appreciated by a select few. it is not for everyone, but it could be if you opened your eyes.

let’s go on

11 06 2009

IMG_3693, originally uploaded by sizzled.

a safari.
macro handstyles FTW