be jules

5 01 2010

jules smoke, originally uploaded by sizzled.

…and nothing less!

one of the only americans i know who speaks french and that’s just one of the many reasons my homegirl jules kim is a cut above the rest. please check out her amazing jewelery and ideas here.


i got a firm understanding on the – and +

12 11 2008

so i ain’t got time

to argue with a rapper

about how he ain’t got rhymes

that’s fuckin with mines

i’m trying to kill lucifer

so if i have to break

cause a rappers in my face

telling me that he the great

you can bet a shiny nickel

i’ll blast his muthafuckin ass

way past jupiter

you couldn’t be stupider

you fuckin with the nuclear

mayan, aztec lion

asiatic black man from zion