ice grill

30 06 2009

ice grill, originally uploaded by sizzled.

being given the screwface by a 3 year old is better than most things

as long as you’re grown

26 12 2008

Do What You Wanna Do, originally uploaded by sizzled.

shit, you might as well go on and just…

here’s a video of devin performing ‘do what you wanna do’ off his first album “the dude” in montreal as part of pop montreal 2005(i think). the lineup was atrak, chromeo, and devin and the show was amazing.

devin is not only one of the coolest dudes out there, but he is an almost flawless performer…sounds just like he does on record.

not sure how the sound is so crispy on this video, but i’ll take it. if you listen closely you can hear me yelling along with the lyrics the whole time.