20 03 2010

ifheavenwasamileaway, originally uploaded by sizzled.



6 11 2009

A TARIQ, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Yo, all around the world they sling rocks and lick shots
Everywhere you go, same thing, connect the dots
Stop what you thinkin, stop all that fussin
The shit is all the same and that’s the point of this discussion

I know the homie Simahlak feels me.

the one facing this way

21 01 2009

furries, originally uploaded by sizzled.

kind of looks like my cat. spotted just down the block from Supreme and Clientele in NYC, no idea what these fools were up to but it was worth a quick flick.

i heard that there’s an underground fetish culture where people like to dress up like animals in fur suits and do it..wow is it THAT serious people?

asa turner

25 11 2008

pinkles, originally uploaded by sizzled.

my dog asa likes his soft serve with pink sprinkles but don’t get it twisted, homie will bodycheck you into the boards if it comes down to that(pause, no homo, etc).

please visit his blog which has now conveniently been added to the blogroll since he is def my favourite non-canadian.

Percee P

30 10 2008

perceep, originally uploaded by sizzled.

So, anyone who’s ever met Percee P probably has a story about him trying to sell them his cd. Being the nerd that I am, I actually showed love and copped this joint for the 10 beans or whatever he was asking at the time.

My personal favourite Percee P story came courtesy of my main man Yeshua DaPOed straight out of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

Yesh told me that they did a 2-3 day tour in the Tristate with Percee P and everyone was mad tight, chilling,etc. He sees Percee P a week later at a show and the dude goes right into his hustle and tries to sell him his album like he had no idea who Yesh was..lol.


26 09 2008

vanpiece, originally uploaded by sizzled.

caught this cycle jammie in williamsburg in maybe..’02
one of my fav east coast writers period

sop sound

24 09 2008

Pic jacked from this dude on Flickr.

In keeping with the theme of emotional or happysad rap songs, I present Pos’s verse from Trying People off the AOI:Bionix album. This is one of those songs that just nails it, and judging by the intro, even they knew it. A lot of honesty and things that I’m sure lots of us can relate to. De La FTW!

Throughout my change to grow, Some of my people got left behind
They didn’t listen for the gun, as I leaped from off the line
Thirteen years deep in this marathon I’m runnin
Paid dues and still got bills to pay
When I came back around the way
Old friends gave me dead eyes
and fake smiles, half wide
We were supposed to rid the world of danger
These days we nod heads and small talk like polite strangers
It’s natural to fall off, just land close to the tree
I’ll be there if they need me to be
and I know all my local shorties
cuz they all know who I am
and lately wanna flip grammar instead of grams
Like that’s the only choice they got
They tell me how they gonna shake up the game
but came to me to see if I could give em guidance for change
Shit y’all, I need guidance myself
and I chisel right words to make gems
Got fans around the world, but my girl’s not one of ’em
And my relationship’s a big question
Cuz my career’s a clear hindrance to her progression
Said she needs a man and our kids need a father
I’m not at all ready to hear her say don’t bother
And break
And this I know I can’t take
but uhh
C. Smith said to hold on
My brother Luck said to hold on
My nigga Dave said to hold on
My nigga Mase said to hold on
Yo, Maseo, we need to hold on
Eh, yo, y’all we need to hold on