29 01 2010

og, originally uploaded by sizzled.

there are some pretty insane classic cars in the Soul Assassins studio in Los Angeles.

dear nike..again

29 12 2009

airmaxst, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i heard these air max st are coming back out. please don’t give them the bubble or midsole of another shoe or drastically change the hues of the accent colours or release them in all elephant print with neon.

k thx.

may the force be with you

10 12 2009

Goodfoott27, originally uploaded by sizzled.


lost angels

9 12 2009

lastreet, originally uploaded by sizzled.

dodger colourway house. rrrrrrrepresent.

air max thuns love air max ones

2 12 2009

Goodfoott19, originally uploaded by sizzled.

now that this banner is retired, I feel like I should post the full image.

the only person i’ve ever known with a pair of these was my former employer, mr matthew george. those are his, but that’s my hand with the genetic recessive trait thumb.

’03-how it used to be

25 11 2009

Stockroom2, originally uploaded by sizzled.

chicago trips with mg and nik t, i don’t know if it’ll ever feel like that again to go buy some sneakers.

dear nike continued

26 06 2009

airpegasusagc, originally uploaded by sizzled.

these are better than air jordan iv fusion air force one crapholes. sure, only 15 of us would buy them but it’s a matter of principle at this point

so, in conclusion this goes out to ghetto gold matt, j.r. ewing, kaeweezy, a-riggadale, and a few select others who dig on dorky sneaker shit in the same way that i do