the 401 hum

6 02 2010

the 401 hum, originally uploaded by sizzled.

word to nish raawks

lake bernard

4 08 2009

lake bernard, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i used to live here.

both literally and figuratively. my house in sundridge, ontario was about 50 metres away from this tiny public but still private beach and i spent most of my 5 summers up north in this very spot.

i know i’ve mentioned this before, but lake bernard’s only claim to fame is that it is the largest island-free lake in north america. other than that, it has an insanely far out drop off point so you are basically waist deep until maybe 50 metres out and then it just gets really deep in a hurry.

i was lucky enough to visit my old stomping swimming grounds last month and i have to say the lake is just as beautiful as i remember it. i could definitely buy a cottage on lake bernard someday just to make the cipher complete.

blink of an eye

8 06 2009

pa, originally uploaded by sizzled.

fiddlehead season is extremely short, so i try to enjoy them as much as I can in those few weeks. this is last week’s pasta sauce in the making.


11 05 2009

colours, originally uploaded by sizzled.

exhibit g
401 west to toronto


9 03 2009

signage, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this sign reads…

Ontario’s Niagara Region
Lights Up Your Life

main st

13 11 2008

sundridge general store, originally uploaded by disneywld2002.

this is about 2 blocks away from where I went to public school from ages 6-11. it’s in a small town in northern ontario, called Sundridge.

we moved there from the beaches because my hippie parents felt that Toronto was getting too polluted and populated and my sister and i needed to be raised around nature.

we opened Main St Video, which was further south on main st, near the beginning of the village of Sundridge and it was officially the first video store in Sundridge.  later my pops added midi keyboards and guitars into the retail mix as well. i believe he also had a side business of repairing and assembling bicycles, too.

the dopest thing about growing up there was having the double whammy of train tracks and a lake steps from my backyard.

basically, my backyard then small fence then train tracks then small fence then dirt road and about 30 metres from there, Lake Bernard.

the claim to fame of this amazing little blip on the map besides having great snowmobile trails and some decent fishing is that lake bernard is the largest naturally occurring island free lake in north america.

i came across this pic and was absolutely shocked that this store looks the fucking same as when i used to buy freezies there at 9 years old. i think they even had an arcade machine in there at one point.

i have way more to say about the village of Sundridge, but i have to go watch kaeweezy dj. sellout and stay home watching the wire..