you ain’t gettin’ nun

25 11 2009

You aint getting none, originally uploaded by sizzled.

houseguests bring the darndest things when they stay at your place.



26 12 2008

manlikeh, originally uploaded by sizzled. is a long time friend and peer who’s tastes in tunage i’ll always respect. he’s the reason i’m up on 80% of the music from detroit that’s currently in my itunes, and countless other goodies.

he’s been on his dj grind way longer than anyone knows, in fact I have the video to prove it(coming soon to themeaningofdope) to all you smart dumb cats.

however, this is def a new chapter. for the holiday season, mmh has prepared a little mix for all of us out of the kindness of his heart. to me, it’s only right to give that mix maximum exposure since i def enjoyed listening to it earlier today.

so, here you go kiddies! click this to be taken to 1 of his 2 dope blogs and catch the post with the tracklisting and download link.


29 10 2008

is really crushing it lately. this particular piece caught my eye immediately.

graffiti>all other 21st century art movements.

big up steven powers, sheppard fairey, barry mcgee, paul 107, ben tour

Daser TCM

2 10 2008

Daser TCM. The man needs no introduction.True Canadian B-boy status. Straight fire. Haven’t seen much new stuff (although I don’t doubt it’s out there) but this was a somewhat new style he was flexing at the time (mid 2000). Fucking impeccable.