tonight at 751 queen street west in toronto

13 03 2010

throwwed, originally uploaded by sizzled.

pimp c bitch/i keep a zoo up in my closet

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caz’s pants

25 11 2009

ledder, originally uploaded by sizzled.

grandmaster caz puts on his pants just like you and i, one leg at a time. only difference is that his pants are a patchwork quilt of leather and what appears to be horsehair.


28 05 2009

Archie, originally uploaded by sizzled.

I don’t think this counts as a “dirt on you doggie” since Arcee basically looks the same today with a slightly more grown up steez now that he’s a bad ass advertising guru.

However, this picture is amazing. I think he’s giving that girl a look because she walked right in on our Kodak moment, not because he thought she was stunningly gorgeous as this picture seems to imply.

I love stealing moments.

happy birthday tenma

19 12 2008

crunkma, originally uploaded by sizzled.

1 day late but i’m not sure if i can make her party tonight with all this madness falling from the sky so i’ll give 10 her props now for being a down ass chick.

if you feel like blowing me up to see if i got your email or counted 7500 ransom buttons in 3 different sizes yet, feel free…i kinda miss it! haha and by that i mean that i don’t miss it at all, but it was always fun getting calls from you at work!

if i don’t see you tonight, i owe you a joint or a farinata or something.  happy belated!

Mobile Rap Party

3 11 2008

MobileRapParty, originally uploaded by sizzled.

from left to right..
Tai, Matthew, Iris, Eric, Me

this night was fucking ridiculous. We were semi-invited to this house party(iris was one of the hosts) and we decided to roll deep and be loud and unruly and intimidating as soon as we got there.

luckily, we weren’t received in a bad way and in fact became the life of the party. So much so, that as the party started to get quiet we decided to move everyone from there including the hosts to another house party we definitely were NOT invited to.

So, we roll about 30 deep with everyone from this house party to some design firm’s office christmas party or something equally awkward..we steal their drinks, take over the “dancefloor” and in general cause a ruckus.

it got old fast, so we bounced and went back to the original spot. on the way out, this girl marie(one of the hosts) falls down the stairs and slides the entire way down the double flight of stairs face-first into a glass door.

she totally got up laughing and everything was all good in the end, but wow that was some shit to see.