say nothing

13 12 2009

say nothing, originally uploaded by chris nise.

my dude niser. congrats on the 2nd seed, homie!

they better not be rockin’ no new iversons

26 11 2009

the little man(by NBA standards) with the biggest heart.

there’s too many memories to really go through one by one, but obviously the playoff series with the Raptors with the back to back Vince and AI 50 point games and this video are the first things that come to mind for me.

Friday Fotos of Feet-4 of Em

12 06 2009





none of these are my feet, which is a first for this series


9 06 2009

IMG_0475, originally uploaded by chris nise.

repping philthydelphia proper. fact: i mostly posted this to use the ‘drippy tags’ category

stolen print

2 06 2009

stolen print, originally uploaded by sizzled.

NOBODY does handstyles like philly. I’ve had a hard on for philly graf since 1997 and I still don’t fully understand it. It’s one of those “you had to grow up here” things.


27 04 2009

Dever Niser NSF 1997, originally uploaded by sizzled.

my philly fam, stand up!

one of the many panels that got done on a beautiful day in the late 90’s in the barbecue yard.

all we do is spark..

26 02 2009

mad ism, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Mad Ism.

word to kaeweezy, i know channel live is his favourite group ever and he loves that song.

benched at my usual spot, peace to lil thun. philly stand up.