2 04 2010

word, originally uploaded by jannx [カメラマン].

i love the shadow in this photograph.
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no greater

20 03 2010

fav one, originally uploaded by sizzled.

sun’s back with the moon to balance out
how he shines on the planet
and you try to understand it
but you can’t….


10 03 2010

Frost, originally uploaded by Hrytz.

Greg, this picture is awesome!

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1 02 2010

Sunrise, originally uploaded by anotherfaceinthecrowd.

exhibit b. spotted on the homie Greg Washington’s photostream


14 12 2009

thunset, originally uploaded by sizzled.

exhibit l. thundas west and bloor


26 11 2009

[], originally uploaded by jilbot.

i like people from the beaches better by default.
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Flipmode Squad

19 11 2009

Flipmode Squad, originally uploaded by sizzled.

sdrawkcab sgniht gnilleps otni yllaer eb ot desu i