buzz howl pt 7

19 09 2009

keesha’s fav, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this was the one i wanted to take home and frame. probably was too floored by the scope of the installation to actually do anything except shoot it and walk away dazed.

buzz howl pt 6

4 08 2009

keep on keepin on, originally uploaded by sizzled.


keep on
keepin on

buzz howl pt 4

11 06 2009

hero-in keeps me alive, originally uploaded by sizzled.

possibly the most telling and disturbing picture from the buzz howl art installation that I caught a few weeks ago. HERO-IN KEEPS ME ALIVE!

wow, tell us how you really feel about it!

buzz howl pt 3

2 06 2009

painted, originally uploaded by sizzled.

some more of this artist’s work. these ones appear to be a bit more subdued and he’s mixing some paint in with the pencil and pens.

buzz howl pt 2

29 05 2009

aka i can’t find what i’m looking for

buzz howl pt 1

27 05 2009

focus, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Sunday afternoon Keesha and I were rolling on our bikes in the QB area.Big up mymanhenri on the coinage of said term.

Anyways, we roll past the construction pit/site where the buildings were damaged in the infamous fire and find that the entire boarded “wall” is covered in someone’s hand drawn art.

It was some of the most intense and creepy portrait art that I have ever seen and there must have been hours invested in both drawing these and putting them up.

I took tons of photos so I will continue to post more up, but I feel like this first picture gives a good cross-section of what this person calling themselves “buzz howl” is all about.

If anyone knows this person, or has seen their work. Please post up in the comments, I have definitely not seen any street art this powerful in a long time.

Seek 1994

27 03 2009

Seek 1994, originally uploaded by sizzled.

not many people remember or know about seek, but he was someone i looked up to big time when i was a toy just coming up. here’s a little piece of history on what is now going to be gone forever if the condos fill that whole lot at portland and queen up. i miss the old toronto.