buzz howl pt 2

29 05 2009

aka i can’t find what i’m looking for


buzz howl pt 1

27 05 2009

focus, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Sunday afternoon Keesha and I were rolling on our bikes in the QB area.Big up mymanhenri on the coinage of said term.

Anyways, we roll past the construction pit/site where the buildings were damaged in the infamous fire and find that the entire boarded “wall” is covered in someone’s hand drawn art.

It was some of the most intense and creepy portrait art that I have ever seen and there must have been hours invested in both drawing these and putting them up.

I took tons of photos so I will continue to post more up, but I feel like this first picture gives a good cross-section of what this person calling themselves “buzz howl” is all about.

If anyone knows this person, or has seen their work. Please post up in the comments, I have definitely not seen any street art this powerful in a long time.

t.o.n.y. II

20 03 2009

otgcnn2, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Here you go. One of the first articles I ever saw on CNN, written by the single biggest influence on my writing style, Mr. Steven Powers aka Espo.

Enjoy, and pick up that new CNN record.  Click on the photo, then click ALL SIZES to see the larger downloadable versions of this scan.


5 03 2009

wil, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this is my homie will from back in the day. we were on mushrooms in parkdale across the street from his old place.

other highlights of the night include turning rob’s face into a mummy’s, tai falling asleep with one eye open, hot pepper eating contest, playing soccer with a tennis ball, and more impromptu photo taking.

truly the reckless days of youth.