at least

8 01 2010

at least, originally uploaded by sizzled.

it won’t be raining when i’m in vancouver!
note to self:pack patagonia shell


one wipe

19 05 2009

one wipe, originally uploaded by sizzled.

the drive to montreal was totally calm except for a serious storm that lasted maybe 10 minutes but was making cars and trucks alike pull over. we didn’t feel that need, and just kept on driving.


10 03 2009

wellies, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this seems like an appropriate “spring is almost here” kind of photo.
if i end up being able to paint 2 weekends in a row without gloves then it’s basically official.

canada is basically the biggest weather cocktease ever though, so i am not betting the house on it JUST yet.

on the way back

23 12 2008

rainzoom, originally uploaded by sizzled.

from seattle to vancouver in rainbow’s whip after watching seattle stomp out the san antonio spurs in the playoffs circa 2005.

i like the memories that i associate with this picture almost as much as i like the picture itself.


19 11 2008

Rain13, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i love when cameras do stuff you didn’t expect..