tonight at 751 queen street west in toronto

13 03 2010

throwwed, originally uploaded by sizzled.

pimp c bitch/i keep a zoo up in my closet

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6 02 2010

Mos Def , originally uploaded by avigold.

holiday workweek
mayday mother’s day
doomsday another day
teenage love built the teenage runaway
bang! number 9 off the chart pretty bullet
red on the wall
fear of god, fuck a bully
bey ghetto great great god googly moogly
maison monster mash main course and cookies
heads getting beaten over food getting eaten
this is hydro power in a dry white season
lawd, bring em out bring em out
see the cherokee chief raindancing through a drought
cloud break like chaka khan
set it off my power on
the little light grow large and don’t out at all

make you

9 12 2009

IMG_1556, originally uploaded by sizzled.

hug a cactus, you bastard


8 12 2009

ditc2, originally uploaded by sizzled.

My mind is grand like endless sand
Warnin off the seafloor defeats the flam
For some strange reas’ I sees my outcome
Sorta like fate was besaw by Malcolm
The stage is my panel, the crowd are my disciples
They control my music, and it’s lifecycle
Friends hard to come by, they shady when I strut
Fools stand back, waitin layin in the cut
Hate but smilin, spitin my light
Hooker she be evil lookin sharp as a knife
From dawn to dusk, my ass I bust
Limit my cuss, in God I trust
Flush bad memories, smash thoughts of enemies
Focus on solutions, come up with remedies
Infinite thought supports me throughout so
So much more to say but, this is the outro…

things you aren’t up on

6 11 2009

bowlerama, originally uploaded by sizzled.

thorncliffe bowlerama>club district


6 11 2009

shades, originally uploaded by sizzled.

live in your world
you can play in mines for now

or boogaloo

12 07 2009

or boogaloo, originally uploaded by sizzled.

“rockers is what he blends”