Ren vs Scam

18 11 2009

in the ultimate battle to the death. who’s “pizza” will reign supreme?


keele wall

19 05 2009

Ren TCM Keele Wall, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this wall isn’t looking much better these days than it was during these darker, diss heavy, beef heavy times. hopefully HSA/TCM are planning on a re-do this summer, since last year just saw the wall go from bad to worse.

sir render

10 03 2009

ren, originally uploaded by sizzled.

don of all dons
king of all kings

my mentor and inspiration for several years, thanks for looking out when i was a total toy. i didn’t deserve all the respect you showed me then.

i swear that when i see a new ren tag, it gives me a sense of jubilation few other things can. it’s like a friendly reminder that who i am and where i came from will never be erased.