knock on wood

27 03 2010

Loves put this on flickr and i was transported to a time when krylon true blue was the only option

reslis relish

10 12 2009

Relishthedon, originally uploaded by sizzled.

he had the gift.

no, not THAT gift. yikes.


17 11 2009

RacialTension, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i’m not sure that there was ever a better custom trucker hat made in the whole universe.

Friday Fotos of Feet-4 of Em

12 06 2009





none of these are my feet, which is a first for this series

4 friday, fo’ more foot fo-toes

29 05 2009






for skam

3 04 2009

Presto5, originally uploaded by sizzled.

He posted up in the comments that he wanted more pics from the Nike-Sponsored sneaker show that we all exhibited in “pre-goodfoot” so here you have it. Not sure if he’s still holding both of these, but here’s pics of his gucci custom(word to the guy on dundas) white on white and the original Stussy Blazers with a limited print Skam tee.

Sneakers were so awesome at this point, few things made me get more amped.

dirt on you doggie

6 02 2009

Presto26, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Your Boy Brian and JR Ewing, consider yourselves put on blast.