2 04 2010

word, originally uploaded by jannx [カメラマン].

i love the shadow in this photograph.
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13 01 2009

stuck, originally uploaded by sizzled.

the now-infamous “live at the bbq reunion” at the drake fuckery in full effect. great party, lots of old friends, and a venue that doesn’t understand how to treat people and was obviously not happy having that many “ethnics” in their venue at 330am.

here, kaeweezy is giving the wack bouncer the gasface after the dude straight lied to his face and told him it was totally cool to dip out and take a piss, he’d have no problems getting back in to the underground. when he returned 2 minutes later, dude fronted like he had never said that and didn’t recognize kae at all. it took about 30 minutes straight of shit talking, an outburst from click and the eventual sneaking in 1 inch at a time for him to get back in to enjoy his last drink of the night before we gave up on that bull-ish.

+1 for arcee in the background with the hip-hop high grin.

i hope that fase and x are able to find a proper venue to house this event for the upcoming summer, it was a great idea to bring it back and i’m glad i was in attendance since i was WAY too shook to hit those parties up at 15 when they were actually popping.