it’s been too long

29 12 2009

mennnuuu, originally uploaded by sizzled.

roti by friday is mandatory. who’s with me?

doughy greatness

14 04 2009

doughy, originally uploaded by sizzled.

I personally am not trying to mess up this Pholourie recipe, so i won’t even bother making it.

However, you guys might be braver than I am so feel free to get in there and mix it up.

I will definitely leave making these chewy, crispy delights to the experts at roti hut in scarborough and enjoy them anytime I happen to make it out that way. Kaeweezy, Arceezy, can I get a witness?

home away from home

9 03 2009

home, originally uploaded by sizzled.

kaewonder, it might have to be one of those weeks.

i had a vena roti on saturday and it was amazing but now i’m just craving the flavour of ali’s hot sauce and curry.

if ya don’t know, now you know.

ice t lololol

11 01 2009

ice t lololol, originally uploaded by sizzled.

ice tea glass. i love it here!

all (inside) jokes aside, sarah’s going away partie(s) last night went off despite the snowstorm and guest appearances by homeless troublemakers.

However, i think i liked the brunch immediately followed by ali’s doubles best of all. since i had no camera, this one of sarah laughing into her iced tea in the PEC while we were talking Farm Biz shall suffice.

karaoke before she actually leaves? can i get a what what?

best roti in Toronto

10 12 2008

yum, originally uploaded by sizzled.

so, has compiled and posted their list of the top 15 roti spots in the Toronto area. it’s not bad, but definitely not how I would have laid it out.

basically, no ali’s?? WTF.

spotted via our homies at the