1 02 2010

Sunrise, originally uploaded by anotherfaceinthecrowd.

exhibit b. spotted on the homie Greg Washington’s photostream


25 11 2008

seattle2, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i really liked my short stay here, the pacific northwest just seems to work with my disposition to say the least.

an amazing restaurant scene, a patagonia store, and a big open air market with fish being thrown everywhere, i’m sold.

the only thing that was kind of weird was when i realized that i was in the “black” neighbourhood and all of a sudden, all the white people were gone. i guess living in Toronto, our integration of people and cultures gives you a definite bias when you see any type of segregation, particularly when it’s really obvious.

i guess im going to have serious culture shock when i visit other, less progressive parts of the U.S. huh?


21 11 2008

Rain15, originally uploaded by sizzled.

2 reasons i’m posting this.

1. there’s nothing like seeing a rainbow right after sunrise after being up all night working

2. my boy who is named after this natural phenomenon is moving back to Toronto real soon if not already so I just wanted to big him up