13 02 2010

feets, originally uploaded by sizzled.

don’t fail me now

air max thuns love air max ones

2 12 2009

Goodfoott19, originally uploaded by sizzled.

now that this banner is retired, I feel like I should post the full image.

the only person i’ve ever known with a pair of these was my former employer, mr matthew george. those are his, but that’s my hand with the genetic recessive trait thumb.

’03-how it used to be

25 11 2009

Stockroom2, originally uploaded by sizzled.

chicago trips with mg and nik t, i don’t know if it’ll ever feel like that again to go buy some sneakers.

a friday feature of four feet fotos

22 05 2009

for all you foot fetish ass fools out there. a gathering of random shots over the years. this won’t be the last one.






1 05 2009

neonhumara, originally uploaded by sizzled.

neon terra humaras FOR THE WIN.

for skam

3 04 2009

Presto5, originally uploaded by sizzled.

He posted up in the comments that he wanted more pics from the Nike-Sponsored sneaker show that we all exhibited in “pre-goodfoot” so here you have it. Not sure if he’s still holding both of these, but here’s pics of his gucci custom(word to the guy on dundas) white on white and the original Stussy Blazers with a limited print Skam tee.

Sneakers were so awesome at this point, few things made me get more amped.

look up

19 03 2009

presentation, originally uploaded by sizzled.

changed the banner, sometimes it’s all about the presentation.

a lot of N’s

26 02 2009

’02 NBs, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i used to have a thing for New Balance 574/576’s. i don’t have any of these anymore, but in 2002 you couldn’t tell me shit about NBeeez.

ehn bees

6 02 2009

NBStock, originally uploaded by sizzled.

once upon a time(2001-2002) the new balance store on yonge just north of st.clair actually had some proper shoes in stock. nowadays? not so much.

this the type shhhhh i used to do

19 01 2009

Stockroom1, originally uploaded by sizzled.

run up in chi-town stockrooms and leave with a few boxes like what.

word to nik timar being SHOOK DADDY and mgeeezy with the falling asleep on the drive back in a snowstorm…the good old days.