20 04 2009

otgog’s, originally uploaded by sizzled.

might as well keep it moving with On The Go scans.

this is a particularly amazing page of photos from JOEY of 1980’s subway graffiti from New York.

t.o.n.y. II

20 03 2009

otgcnn2, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Here you go. One of the first articles I ever saw on CNN, written by the single biggest influence on my writing style, Mr. Steven Powers aka Espo.

Enjoy, and pick up that new CNN record.  Click on the photo, then click ALL SIZES to see the larger downloadable versions of this scan.


20 03 2009

otgcnn1, originally uploaded by sizzled.

the next post will have the text of this vintage Capone N Noreaga article from On The Go Magazine. I figure this is pretty topical since their new album came out this week.

on the go magazine

24 02 2009

otgfrntcover, originally uploaded by sizzled.

is was a special periodical. i think you can count the total number of issues on your hands but they broke mad ground in terms of layout and interview approach, etc.

i have more scans coming, stay tuned.

steven powers

28 01 2009

espo truck, originally uploaded by sizzled.

a huge influence on me for years. i know people probably have pics of this truck with all kinds of different pieces on it…but this one is especially ill.

i just realized that his graf name could be a flip on his real name.

i’m your new casual acquaintance.

the choice of degeneration

5 12 2008

Niser NSF 416 Graf Expo 1997, originally uploaded by sizzled.

my man nise NSF with the 1997 graphic logo flip steez. no doubt there was some steven powers influence behind this shit, but fuck it this piece is a banger. the 2.15 liters is a nice detail that ties it all together.

philly, stand up. best handstyles in the world, birthplace of graffiti.