Flipmode Squad

19 11 2009

Flipmode Squad, originally uploaded by sizzled.

sdrawkcab sgniht gnilleps otni yllaer eb ot desu i

bike boots

31 08 2009

best boots, originally uploaded by sizzled.

one day you’ll get used to seeing your pretty face in pictures.
one day.

lake bernard

4 08 2009

lake bernard, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i used to live here.

both literally and figuratively. my house in sundridge, ontario was about 50 metres away from this tiny public but still private beach and i spent most of my 5 summers up north in this very spot.

i know i’ve mentioned this before, but lake bernard’s only claim to fame is that it is the largest island-free lake in north america. other than that, it has an insanely far out drop off point so you are basically waist deep until maybe 50 metres out and then it just gets really deep in a hurry.

i was lucky enough to visit my old stomping swimming grounds last month and i have to say the lake is just as beautiful as i remember it. i could definitely buy a cottage on lake bernard someday just to make the cipher complete.

4 friday, fo’ more foot fo-toes

29 05 2009







6 02 2009

harbourfront, originally uploaded by sizzled.

being that this was taken at the FREE lee ‘scratch’ perry show in toronto this summer, it’s hard to tell whether that’s a legit thunset or just the huge clouds of ganja wafting into the air from more than half of the people in the crowd.

dear summer

26 01 2009

grass chuck, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i know you gon’ miss me/for we’ve been together like nike airs and crisp tees

this summer was a monumental one for me. it was the first time in years that i actually had a summer to relax, instead of trying to pack in everything in 2 days or evenings after work.

even back in high school, i always had that “summer job” and so waking up everyday with an appointment with sunshine and green grass as my only item in my calendar was a welcome change.

this pic here really sums up how i spent my days combined with a little frisbee tossing, lots of snacks, sparkling water, shorts, bike riding, and of course, shoes with no socks.

in summer, i don’t start wearing shorts until we have at least 2-3 consecutive days with 25 degrees celsius temperatures and the socks usually don’t stop being worn unless we’ve had temperatures even higher than that.

the key to ensuring that your feet don’t get stanky is having a good foot powder and applying it both on your feet and putting some in the actual sneakers.

these “hawaii” converse in the pic look like they got worn to a 3 day beach party now, but still never stank once despite getting rocked heavily all summer. the no socks thing actually came about as a result of wearing these sneakers and realizing that I bought them a 1/2 size too small and it hurt to wear socks with them.

the whole point of this post wasn’t to tell you that i like wearing shoes without socks, or that i laid in the grass all summer, it was to celebrate the fact that i took time for myself and it lead to progress and positive change.

in fact, barbecueorboogaloo is a direct by-product of this summer’s uplifting and creative energy…so thanks summer! i owe ya one.

i do this in my slumber summer

rc harris

22 12 2008

rc harris, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this is my favourite building in Toronto, hands down. i can’t think of anywhere i’d rather spend my afternoon sitting and enjoying a cool, sparkling water and some good company.

back in high school, we used to have parties down here on fridays, the whole grassy hills would be filled with a few hundred people from my school and like clockwork, the cops would drive down onto the grass and chase us out every week.  still, it was always the best spot to hang out.