Hope TCM Keele Wall 1994

8 12 2009

Hope TCM Keele Wall 1994, originally uploaded by sizzled.

neo-cubism with aerosol in 1994? yep.

Stoke 1993

26 11 2009

Stoke 1993, originally uploaded by sizzled.

yes, Toronto had an active graffiti scene before some of the current writers were able to tie their own shoes.

Stoke aka Wyse aka Sir Render with the ill highway hit.

Acknowledge the rep, pay homage respect.

keele wall history

30 06 2009

reckane, originally uploaded by sizzled.

something tells me the new mural on this wall is going to be a cut above these big roller fills from the 90’s, but at the time this was a huge deal.

sir render

10 03 2009

ren, originally uploaded by sizzled.

don of all dons
king of all kings

my mentor and inspiration for several years, thanks for looking out when i was a total toy. i didn’t deserve all the respect you showed me then.

i swear that when i see a new ren tag, it gives me a sense of jubilation few other things can. it’s like a friendly reminder that who i am and where i came from will never be erased.

Render TCM

6 11 2008

Render TCM, originally uploaded by sizzled.

Yeah, Kaeweezy. THAT IS a new Ren piece. How you like them apples?

I said it before and I’ll say it again..King of Canada.

Daser TCM

2 10 2008

Daser TCM. The man needs no introduction.True Canadian B-boy status. Straight fire. Haven’t seen much new stuff (although I don’t doubt it’s out there) but this was a somewhat new style he was flexing at the time (mid 2000). Fucking impeccable.