no greater

20 03 2010

fav one, originally uploaded by sizzled.

sun’s back with the moon to balance out
how he shines on the planet
and you try to understand it
but you can’t….


8 12 2009

board, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i’m sure that growing up beside this is part of why i instantly felt at home in brighton beach. whatup yesh! whatup kenny! whatup jhon!

ms pac man

26 06 2009

ms pac, originally uploaded by sizzled.

first video game i ever played in my life at the laundromat in the beaches where my parents used to do our laundry when we lived in a place that didn’t have laundry machines. i was no older than 4.

acknowledge the rep, ms pac man is still a difficult game. i wish i had one of these in my house. the tabletop version too, I would eat my dinner on that shit every night.

staple design

4 06 2009

staples, originally uploaded by sizzled.

jeffstaple, you have nothing on this muthaeffer. a totally unintentional and circumstantial art installation. i wonder how old the oldest staple in this is?

happy bday smer

1 05 2009

photo, originally uploaded by sizzled.

1 day late, but you already know. They don’t know about the SUC!


9 01 2009

brids, originally uploaded by sizzled.

like a B-R-I-D in the S-K-Y

word to k-solo (4:33), this stencil is awesome. spotted on a great day near r.c. harris this past september.

skip game proper

10 11 2008

proper, originally uploaded by sizzled.

my homie since preschool, matthew giving the world a taste of his rock-skipping follow through. that is some excellent form, guaranteed that bitch got some distance.