3 02 2010

hommies, originally uploaded by sizzled.

none other than the brother mans:

Dj Taktiks
Marco Polo

repping lovely at 24K Tuesdays, the barbecueorboogaloo endorsed weekly at Andy Poolhall in Toronto.


shrunken people battling with q-tips

9 01 2010

IMG_4885, originally uploaded by sizzled.

arcee told me I should name this post that.

be keezy

11 12 2009

be ke, originally uploaded by sizzled.

thelegendsleague/ideallclothing x therealfrequency

i still can’t believe bryan’s jacket was purple, that actually shocked me when i reviewed the shot.

dirt on you doggie v.6

19 09 2009

Pee-Thug, originally uploaded by sizzled.

who peed in his cornflakes? bonus points for mindbender with locks, mike jansen aka hidden face and i think that’s nova’s back. what up cap! hello richard!


29 06 2009

crazy, originally uploaded by sizzled.


can play for teenagers

26 06 2009

can play for teenagers, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i guess at this point, it would probably be very wrong to assume that teenagers are interested in hearing uptempo funk. however, that doesn’t mean you CAN’T play it for them.


8 04 2009

yikes, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this is like the unofficial anthem for victims of child molestation everywhere.

which is not something i’m making fun of, i genuinely think that’s one of the worst crimes that someone can commit. i’m just saying, this guy’s face says a lot with that title right next to it.