25 03 2010

relaxus, originally uploaded by sizzled.


font skeeeee

25 03 2010

font skeeeee, originally uploaded by sizzled.

van city keeps it both icy and cool


15 03 2010

IMG_5361, originally uploaded by sizzled.

aka portrait of the artist as a reflection

font skeeee

15 03 2010

IMG_5387, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i love this sign. i also wish my camera wasn’t still broken.

m3t@l f@c3

10 03 2010

m3t@l f@c3, originally uploaded by sizzled.

“Faster than the seven seas
Bigger than mount Kilimanjaro
If they don’t know fill them in tomorrow
And the horror show
A mental note: return Bob’s record
Swear to god before he gets a job he robs eckhart
Blessed with a hot flow
Tested and got dough
Invested and stressed the best to finesse an opto
As I reminisce never forgot when I was very broke
Shot the henny straight couldn’t afford to cop the cherry coke
Or should I say broke with wealth
To know enough to give them just enough rope to yoke they self
Plan B: before I take the ring and pawn it
The long arm of the law couldn’t even put they fingers on it
Doggone it
Do the statistics
How he bust lyrics was too futuristic for ballistics
And far too eccentric for forensics
I dedicate this mix to Subroc the Hip Hop Hendrix”



1 02 2010

Sunrise, originally uploaded by anotherfaceinthecrowd.

exhibit b. spotted on the homie Greg Washington’s photostream


30 01 2010

sausages, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i think this girl was channeling K.I.T.H.