what the hell is this

15 01 2010

what the hell is this, originally uploaded by sizzled.

out of gas


lyn christopher

14 01 2010

lyn christopher, originally uploaded by sizzled.

the consensus at AMT HQ is that Lyn Christopher was quite the fox in her day.

off the wall

4 08 2009

off the wall, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this record lived up to it’s name when i tried to make it into a display on my record shelf and it plummeted to the floor moments later.

off the wall indeed.
rip mj


2 12 2008

awwww, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i was gonna make up a lie like this was an original pressing of a rare turkish psych rock record that only 8 people own or something equally absurd just to make kaewonder cry, but then i realized that it would be pretty mean and im working on cleaning up my image.

oh, but pretty sure that back in the day our boy “bad idea” had hundred dollar records being treated almost as badly as this one. tsk tsk, doggie.