buzz howl pt 9

1 01 2010

hair, originally uploaded by sizzled.

yo! is that a portrait of sipreano in the middle there?

buzz howl pt 6

4 08 2009

keep on keepin on, originally uploaded by sizzled.


keep on
keepin on


3 04 2009

FACE MELT, originally uploaded by sizzled.

this is definitely some next level shit right here. from the silver background to the crazy acid trip fill, i actually think Face Melt is on some legendary status. if you think i’m joking or being sarcastic, i am definitely not.

alone in a crowd

25 02 2009

om_ace, originally uploaded by sizzled.

even though it’s almost 10 years later, and i don’t often stand in fields surrounded by hippies and hare krishnas ever anymore, i still feel just as lonely and misunderstood once in a while.

on a lighter note, those nike running pants I had on were such a wicked cut! i killed those for a few years and i think i bought them on a total whim one day because i had store credit i needed to use up at Nike on Bloor.

big boi

28 01 2009

chuch, originally uploaded by sizzled.

we missed a lot of chuuuch so the music is our confessional

faith is what you make it/that’s the hardest shit since mc ren