beach shoes

8 12 2009

beach shoes, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i beat up white canvas authentics for sport. these badboys were my winter/spring biking shoes turned painting shoes turned 1 of 2 pairs of shoes i brought to costa rica with me in ’08. for all i know these are still in the back of goodfoot yorkville somewhere.

the ’09 l’trimm

6 04 2009

l’trimm, originally uploaded by sizzled.

a certain ms. williams and a certain ms. smart better get on their rhyme-writing grizzly or my plan to turn them into the 2009 l’trimm will fizzle out like an ignored sparkler.

let’s goooooooooooo!

phil/chris, where’s the beat cd at?

look up

19 03 2009

presentation, originally uploaded by sizzled.

changed the banner, sometimes it’s all about the presentation.

late 90’s

2 02 2009

terrasertig_2, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i would straight punch an old lady in the face for these shoes.

if you have them in my size, just holler but i know that it’s pretty much impossible at this point…these have been on my wanted list for over 8 years.

to keesha, and everyone else who might not understand why i am so into a weird trail running/training shoe in a borderline disgusting colourway, i’m sorry..this is part of who i am.

i would smash these with a patagonia down sweater in “patagonia blue”…word to paul107, we said it and it shall be.

gabe has a big head

5 12 2008

gabe has a big head, originally uploaded by sizzled.

in his line of sight.

this installation art piece park is hit or miss. sometimes they have amazing shit, other times there’s just a stupid baby head that probably cost about 20K in federal arts grants.

Daser TCM

2 10 2008

Daser TCM. The man needs no introduction.True Canadian B-boy status. Straight fire. Haven’t seen much new stuff (although I don’t doubt it’s out there) but this was a somewhat new style he was flexing at the time (mid 2000). Fucking impeccable.