ice grill

6 02 2009

ice grill, originally uploaded by sizzled.

hey, whatchu staring at volkswagen?


wetted up

16 01 2009



‘When I walked in the water, I realized the water went up to my knees. After that I just fell down.’—Anne-Marie Héroux, wet pedestrian

  • i’m pretty sure that ‘wet pedestrian’ is the best person to quote ever!

old saint nick

25 12 2008

Christmas, originally uploaded by sizzled.


i’ve been waiting for months to post this pic and it finally gets to go up.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from us here at

Stay tuned for a big party in early 2009, and many more updates, this blog has gotten way more love and attention than we ever expected it to.

-Ace Six and Kaewonder


19 12 2008

Maseobaby, originally uploaded by sizzled.

hey, check out this random soundless video of mase aka plug 3 from de la soul saying hi to errol nazareth’s kid at tune up music when it was still in this location on pape avenue.

a little +1 for the long haired nik t in the background, but mostly i posted this because i remember that day being really really snowy and obviously we have the same sort of weather going on today.

the PEC

25 11 2008

shroomset, originally uploaded by sizzled.

definitely my fav pic that i took all weekend while away in prince edward county. big up to the ultimate fruit salad and booty water plus fly and squirrel room.