30 11 2010



5 11 2010


25 10 2010

Okay, so I’m about to be dead-honest here. I’ve yet to make my pilgrimage to the almighty NYC, and for that, I’m ashamed. Only my close friends know this fact, and I’m usually met with vacant, blank stares when asked if I’ve been to Shake Shack or Good Records, or to Marco’s crib, or to anywhere in motherfucking New York City. A series of unfortunate events have left me at the last minute not being able to make it. It sucks. Just thought I’d share that. So, NY friends, don’t be surprised when i call you up like “I’ma be there in a few days” and possibly don’t show up. Take it as a sign of my shitty luck/scheduling. Beez like that sometimes…

Oh, and check out my homie ¬†Ghetto Gold Matt’s rugged NYC rap mix HERE. it is quite “thugly” if I do say so myself.


Cratery #21

21 09 2010

This month, the Cratery crew decided to embark on a journey to Montreal for the f*ck of it. Heat was copped, food was eaten and in less than 12 hours later we were back on the road. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I love that city.The city is great beyond measure and every time I go I have immense fun. This visit was no exception. Shouts to Arcee and Serious and the various vinyl vendors that made this trip both fun and worthwhile. We owe this edition of Cratery to y’all…


Be See too.

6 08 2010

Velvet Fogg.

29 07 2010

Moon Boots.

5 04 2010

This goes out to all the people that didn’t agree with me when I said the Air Yeezy’s looked exactly like a pair of moon boots.

Beer Police.

29 03 2010

*burp* *burp* that’s the sound of da police! Not even going to get into the mullet.

what if

31 01 2010

giant george and dancer met and became the best of friends?

brought to you by the internet, lui and my homie kaewonder


30 01 2010

sausages, originally uploaded by sizzled.

i think this girl was channeling K.I.T.H.